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I know I should have waited until 8/08, the official 808 Day but I couldn’t help myself. I’m like that person who bakes their favorite cake ahead of a special occasion and then eats it and then doesn’t tell anyone and then just bakes another one on the actual day of the celebration. So maybe I’ll write another 808 Story next month. I wouldn’t put it past myself…

And it is the 20th Anniversary of the release of their ex:el album

Oh, and I have a question: Am I some sort of late 80’s/early 90's purist for only wanting to…

A Contextual Analysis of “Nice” and “Not So Nice”

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I’m going to try to make what I feel is an important point. I spent a lot of time (perhaps too much) writing this out. I did so because I really feel invested in trying to reach people and awaken in them a consciousness of how words, down to the shortest of phrases and comments, both reflect and impact people’s beliefs and relationships (or lack thereof). As a very quick example, years ago I worked alongside a young white teacher at a predominantly black school in a predominantly black neighborhood. Whenever parent-teacher conferences would come around, I would hear her…

Another good pair of sandals, gone

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I guess it’s my fault. I left them by the shoe mat, after our rainy afternoon walk and had meant to put them away after they had dried a bit. I went upstairs to work on a Story I had started earlier that day. I was obviously gone for an unacceptable amount of time. What really boils my clams is this: he chewed off just enough of the velcro strap so as to make the shoe unwearable. And these sandals were the s*it. I mean, whenever I wore them it felt like how I…

But it hasn’t given me enough of a reason

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My son was born the year of Germany’s Fourth World Cup victory. He was but an infant nestled in a stroller when I bounded out of the house, clad in my classic collared Oliver Bierhoff jersey, proudly waving my little black, red and gold flag in the air. My somewhat brazen behavior was witnessed by my husband and a few neighbors; it just so happened that the World Cup Championship Game occurred on the same day as the annual block party. …

How Jean Luc Ponty’s “Computer Incantations for World Peace” Motivated Me to Minimize

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Okay. I think I’m on to something.

For about two years now, I have tried to reduce clutter in my life — in my home, in my purse, in my mind. I have been craving the quiet and clarity that comes with the simplicity of space. I have reached a stage where I don’t need much stuff, don’t want much stuff.

When my birthday comes around, I ask for a cake, cards (from my partner and my kids) and perhaps one gift (that I usually end up choosing in advance or after the fact). I am about experiences, not excesses…

Of course you do.

I seriously need to start being less serious. I’ve managed to convince myself that doing so does not mean I am shirking responsibility, shrugging my shoulders and saying, “F it.” I refuse to be complacent and I will keep writing about the issues that matter to me, the people who inspire and influence me. I am committed to strengthening my voice in a multifarious and interdisciplinary kind of way. But sometimes 'ish is hard. It often feels debilitating writing about racism and other forms of oppression. I do so to raise awareness, to begin, enter into…

Read ‘A Small Place’ by Jamaica Kincaid

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Your time is valuable and perhaps you are already packing. So I am going to provide just a few tidbits from this short text written by a canonical Caribbean writer from Antigua. Her name is Jamaica Kincaid. My intent is not to attempt to ruin your holiday before it begins. I am, however, determined to convince you that it’s not simply about you “getting away.” I’m here to complicate your vacation in the most well-meaning way.

Kincaid’s writing is very direct and I feel like many Americans under-appreciate the value of such a stance. The truth is, honesty has often…

I felt relief, followed by sadness

'Twas the night before the last day of the school year…and my son had a slight fever and a little bit of a dry cough. Oh, and his nose was both stuffy and running. Panic ensued but I played it down in front of him. I gave him some Children’s Tylenol, proceeded with the regular good night routine and within a couple of minutes, he was knocked out.

And then it started. I began a series of searches: “how to tell the difference between COVID-19 symptoms and flu symptoms", “can a child with allergies get a fever?”, “if you suspect…

Just pick one.

Every Tuesday, my son has a private swimming lesson at a pool a town over from us. My husband and I pay a lot for the 30-minute sessions but we feel it is worth it for at least three reasons: 1. our little guy needs to learn the life skill of swimming; 2. he absolutely loves being in the water; 3. watching him in the water serves as my version of mindfulness meditation. Regarding reason #1, purportedly over half of the black population in America does not know how to swim and there is a painful history of racism in…

My anger hasn’t abated

Someone once told me that I am too sensitive, that I feel too much, that I need to learn not to focus on negative things — particularly past events over which I had no control and no direct connection. Another person — a physician actually — told me that there is no such thing as being “overly sensitive.” She suggested that deep feelings — specifically empathy — move us closer to the essence of our humanity. …

Ena Onami

Warrior fighting off persistent perfectionism. Believer in Star Trek as therapy. Puzzle-solver. Unashamed Advocate of CRT. Admirer of kind people.

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